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Glass production in the Ottoman Empire

The Sixteenth Century, in particular, was the golden era for Turkish glassmaking as well as for Europe. The various glass examples made throughout the centuries by the Ottomans are sentimental examples, indicating the intelligence and skills of Turkish workman who put their heart and soul into producing glass art. It is a well-known fact that […]

Our passion for making unique glassware

Our passion for making unique glassware At Byblos, there is a list of standards when making new glassware sets. Starting from using high quality glass to our talented craftsman designing and tailoring each set uniquely. The designers and craftsman work as a team. While designing glassware, our craftsman work under strict quality standards, using their […]

Byblos we make all types of glassware sets.

All types of glassware for all your needs! From the ancient times, glassware has been the hallmark representing class. Nowadays everybody can afford to purchase and own special glassware. Which is why we believe it is important to design every glassware for a specific use. At Byblos we make all types of glassware sets which […]

Handmade Glassware, Handmade Art!

Glass has been hand made for thousands of years. The craft was originally developed in Egypt where artisans turned glass blowing into an art resembling luxury. The popularity of artisan made glassware continues to this day. Back in the days, glass objects were both ornamental and functional, and recently decorative drinking vessels were recovered dating […]