Glass production in the Ottoman Empire

The Sixteenth Century, in particular, was the golden era for Turkish glassmaking as well as for Europe. The various glass examples made throughout the centuries by the Ottomans are sentimental examples, indicating the intelligence and skills of Turkish workman who put their heart and soul into producing glass art. It is a well-known fact that glass examples in the Ottoman era bear the question of authenticity. The reason for this is because glass examples manufactured in Europe were made in accordance with Turkish taste, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is authentic or not. As a result of this, the definition of Verre Turc (Turkish Glass) emerged which carried two meanings; the first glass examples were those made originally by the Turks and the second were those made in Europe in accordance with Turkish taste. Reference: Antika; The Turkish Journal of Collectable Art, April 1985, Issue: 1 By Fuat Bayramoglu

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