Glassware Wholesale

Byblos Glassware, the name of the Phoenician city where glass was first produced, has started exporting glassware products since 1982; In 1990, we took our place with production in the sector with a rich variation of decorative, gilded, painted glass and used different kinds of mixed techniques. Our company, by giving value to glass and by creating elegant products with fine handmade work embroidered patterns and embroidery, offers a unique service to all of the manufacturing customers and we sell as a Glassware wholesale globally.

Byblos is a Turkish company specialized in Glassware production and decoration. Our mission is to produce unique and quality glassware and handmade Products. we are specialized in decoration on Glassware sets(tea set, tea and coffee set, Vases, Incense Burners and other glass related products) with different sets count depends on the product set (6,8,12,32…) most of them are handmade (engraving or painting)

Those products are made by our professional team that create a piece of art from every product we produce.

Our exquisite variety of Glassware is made of fine clear glass. Each glass features a beautiful hand painted design. Available in a 24K gold decoration or silver. Byblos glassware is just the right set to accompany fine dining or social gatherings.

BYBLOS-GLASSWARE have a huge amount of satisfied customer (providing them with glassware wholesale products) from all over the world, plus we are competing globally.

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